Research Group

Hyper-Connected Community Labs

On the 6floor of the New Millennium Building, a learning ecosystem in the form of each production pipeline had been established (Game Development and Pre-Production Step, Production Step, Post-Production Step for Animation Major)

HCL Lab- Game (NM602)

Professor: Jintaek Seo       

- Research Areas : C/C++/C# Programming, Game programming with Unity Engine
- Student Leader : n/a

    ● Overview : In most cases, they use an object-oriented language to develop a game. Therefore, in order to develop a game, it is necessary to acquire basic concepts of object-oriented language and to use it freely.
And to develop 3D games, you must acquire the ability to use 3D graphics API.
On this basis, we design and develop the game with the Unity game engine.
We also develop a game server for network enabled games.
    ● Method of operation : Extracurricular program. Students can participate and work on game related programming language after class. Need to talk with Prof. Jintaek Seo for participation.

GP101, Open Source Projects

We are contributing to some open source projects.

● Rendering Engine Principle for Studying

- Rendering is an essential part of a game engine. This open-source project will help you understand the principles of the 3D rendering engine.

● 2D Physics Engine Principle for Studying

- This open-source project will help you understand the principles of the 2D physics engine.

Students Interview

Students opinions on internship and study.