Virtual Studio Lab nurtures and expands practical talents with a broad understanding of VR, and Metaverse's specialized fields through cooperation and vitalizing industry-academy-research collaboration to foster manpower necessary for the rapidly changing future industrial environment.

About this Research Lab
-Supports student practical experience through industry-linked project
-Converges development of VR, Metaverse, animations, games, and short films
-Perform experimental 3D artworks on the rapidly changing short video platform
-Nurtures research competency

Collaborating Researchers

Prof. Sojin Kim, Prof. Balgum Song, Prof. Lin Qu, Prof. GuHee Yoon, Prof. Sunghoon Cho, Prof. YoungSil Lee, Prof. Jintaek Seo

Research Areas

Convergence of Animation, game, film and VR planning and development (Using Unreal Engine), Industry-linked project

VR project, Specialists lecture demonstration, Technology and trend conference, etc.

Location: CAS 5103 (Industry-University Collaboration Building)

Contact: Prof. Sojin Kim @ NM Building Office #613