Directing Track

Track OverviewThe purpose of this program is to develop the ability to complete VFX based on the footage filmed, and to go through the final editing process to create a masterprint as a video editor or VFX artist.

Track Objectives:

  • Performance CriteriaDiscuss visual effects on the shooting site and design appropriate visual effects for movie scenes using VFX production programs such as Nuke, AE, and Houdini based on the VFX list. Use movie editing programs such as Premiere to edit the video, and revise it appropriately through screenings to match the overall direction and intent of the film.
  • Knowledge: Understanding of movie scenarios, knowledge of visual grammar and storytelling, understanding of the flow of drama, overall understanding of the director's and producer's planning intentions, knowledge of VFX shooting, knowledge of editing programs, and awareness of trends in the VFX industry.
  • Skills: Special techniques for 2D and 3D effects, skills to use movie editing programs, ability to analyze scenarios, computer graphics skills, editing skills to connect cuts and scenes.
  • Attitude: A proactive attitude to understand the director's intent, passion for the overall quality of the film, a consistent attitude towards the direction and theme of the movie, and a sense of mission to improve the quality of the work.

blt01.gif Track Requirements

Course Requirements Extracurricular Activities
Matte Painting

Industry Expert Lecture

Advanced Editing
VR Production
Filmmaking Workshop 2