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    Please see the attached information of visa, academic and student affairs for international students. The contents are;
    1. Alien registration
    2. Changing major
    3. Dormitory
    4. Library
    5. Part time job
    6. Public service
    7. Sexual Harrassment
    8. Student card
    9. Tuition fee
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    Rules for Kitchen Use

    1. Please wash filter after using kitchen sink
    2. Please separate food waste
    3. Please turn off the ventilator
    4. Please turn off electric range after use (Risk of fire)
    5. Please do not pour the waste oil in the sink (It may blocks the kitchen drain)
    - Do not drink or smoke in the kitchen (If you violate the rule, you can not use the kitchen)
    - Kitchen Opening Hours 07:00-23:00

    Rules for Refrigerator

    1. When you keep your food in the refrigerator, Please seal food in the plastic bag (Or food container) and put your name and room number. (Food without name stickers will be discarded) You can get name sticker from Dormitory Security Office.
    2. Please keep reasonable amount of food and check expiration date.
    3. Please throw away food after expiration date.

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    “This program is designed to support students who consider changing their major due to concerns about their aptitude
    and major. Under this program, students are provided with chances for career search and supported to decide their future career path.”

    ★ Application period: September 7th (Mon) - September 25th (Fri)

    ★ Target students: Those considering changing their major with concerns over their aptitude and major

    ★ Program schedule
    - Tuesday Group: October 6th (Tue) - November 3rd (Tue), (16:00-18:00)
    - Wednesday Group: October 7th (Wed) - November 4th (Wed), (16:00-18:00)

    * Only those who can attend every class during five weeks (5 classes in total) may submit an application.
    * Point scholarship score will be given.

    ★ More information: Visit or call (320-2102/2194)

    DSU Student Counseling Center
    1st floor, IC Building
    Phone: 320-2120, 2194
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    1. Application Qualification
        ◾ Students who have completed 6 semesters and have maintained a grade point average (GPA) of at least 4.30 or higher.
    2. Ineligible Students
        ◾ Students whose grade point average (GPA) for the 6 semesters is below 4.30.
        ◾ Students who have a repeat course (including P credit) from his/her grades during six semesters.
         ※ applicable also for students who retook P credit courses such as chapel, on-site training etc.
        ◾ Transfer students, readmitted students cannot apply for early graduation.
    3. Condition for Early Graduation
       ◾ Students who have applied for early graduation and have received a grade point average (GPA) of 4.30 or higher on the following semester (7th semester) after application.
       ◾ Students who have earned enough credits for graduation, and have completed required courses.
       ◾ Students who have passed the graduation comprehensive examination.
        ⇨ If the student satisfies the graduation qualification, he/she may graduate in August, Senior year.
    4. Application Form Issuance and Receipt
       ◾Office of Academic Affairs, 4th FL Millennium Hall
    5. Procedure
       ◾Issuance of the academic transcript (copy for inspection) ➞ Fill in the early graduation application form ➞ submit to the corresponding Department ➞ Apply at the Office of Academic Affairs
    6. Inquiries
        320-2041, 2042
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    1. Qualification
        ① Students who are being promoted to sophomore or junior standing.
            ※ Students currently enrolled as a freshman or a sophomore or students being reinstated as a sophomore or a junior in the first semester.
        ② Cumulative grade point average (GPA) is 2.0 or higher.
            ※ Period allowed to change major: Only once during the first semester of sophomore year or the first semester of junior year.

    2. Pass Criteria
        ① Students who have completed the career guidance program.
        ② Students who have passed the interview from his/her corresponding major
        ③ If the number of students to be admitted exceed the designated number, students shall be selected according to the order of merit (30% of entrance quota of the corresponding year).

    3. Students who are not eligible for application
        ① Students who have received a special admission into the university;
        ② Students who are on a leave of absence (students who will be reinstated after the second semester);
        ③ Transfer students (transfer students may apply on the second semester of the third year (junior year)).

    4. Application Procedure
    ① Submit career guidance form
    -> Submit to the counter at the Office of Academic Affairs at Student Service Center on 4th FL of Millennium Hall.
    -> Required documents : a copy of student ID card or a copy of resident registration ID card.
    ② Complete career guidance program
    -> Location : to be notified in front of the Student Consultation Center office on 1st FL of International Cooperation Building.
    -> Application form for change of major to be issued only for students who have completed the career guidance program.
    -> Absentees will be disqualified.
    ③ Major Interview
    -> Interview with advising professor of corresponding major → interview with major to change.
    ④ Submit Major Change (Transfer) Document
    -> Location : counter at the Office of Academic Affairs at Student Service Center on 4th FL of Millennium Hall
    -> Documents to submit
    · A copy of major change (transfer) application form / a copy of academic transcript (copy for inspection);
    · A copy of statement of application purpose for changing department (changing major);
    · A copy of confirmation certificate of career guidance to change department (changing major).
    ⑤ Announcement of Applicants Who Passed
    -> Check change of major at student support system > Office of Academic Affairs > personal information
    -> If the major has not been changed, it means the student has been disqualified.

    5. Notice
    ① The student shall be disqualified if he/she does not submit his/her student ID or resident registration ID card upon applying for completion of the career guidance program.
    ② It is impossible to apply other than during the above stated period or under the above stated method.
    - Notice will be uploaded at School Homepage every 1st semester.
    ③ Students who do not attend the career guidance held at Student Consultation Center shall be disqualified.
    ④ The change of major shall be canceled for students who are deemed failing to meet the qualification of application or has been found of any fraudulent act even after the student’s major has been changed.
    ※ Inquiries: Office of Academic Affairs 320-2041, 2042
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     1. Eligible Students
       ① Enrolled sophomore students or higher level. 
       ② Students reinstating as a sophomore student or as a higher level among students who are expected to reinstate from the second semester of every academic year.

    2. Application Qualification
        ① Students whose cumulative grade point average (GPA) is 2.5 or higher,
        ② and satisfy the completed credit per academic year (refer to the completed credit by academic year/semester)

    ※ [Completed Credits by Academic Year/Semester]
      (General Major) (Division of Health Sciences) (Major in Architectural Design (5 year course))
    1-1   17          18              17
    1-2   33          35              33
    2-1   49          53              49
    2-2   65          70              65
    3-1   82          88              82
    3-2   98          105              98
    4-1   114         123             114
    4-2   130         140             130
    5-1                             148
    5-2                             165
    ※ Department of Public Health Administration to apply general major completed credits

    3. Application Procedure
    ① Fill in the application form
    -> Provided at the Office of Academic Affairs (4th FL of Millennium Hall) or the Department Office
    ② Seal by advising professor of corresponding major/ Seal by advising professor of applying major
    ③ Submit application form - Office of Academic Affairs
    -> 1 copy of application form
    -> 1 copy of academic transcript (copy for inspection)
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    ※ Notice for Changes on Course Repeat System
    We hereby notify that the course repeat system of Article 50 of Detailed Enforcement of School Regulation has been changed as follows according to the recommendation by the parliamentary audit, the Ministry of Education, and Korea Council for University Education due to the public interest on the management of students’ grades by universities, and etc.

    ○ Related Regulation
    - Detailed Enforcement of School Regulation Article 50 (Course Repeat)

    ○ Before Change
    - Courses with a grade of D+ or lower may be repeated

    ○ After Change
    - Only courses with a grade of F may be repeated

    ○ Remarks
    - Applicable to preliminary course from second semester of academic year 2014
  • 답변
    GSI supports international events such as Forum, Cultural events and Club activities. Please see below for the detailed information

    - Student Support
    ▶GSI Bi-weekly Day: Supporting international students to adapt to university through Q&A Session twice a month
    ▶GSI Help Desk: Run by Volunteer scholarship students (Korean and International students)
    ▶Special lecture on Korean language and Korean culture tutoring
    ▶Special lectures on external personnel related in employment
    ▶Organizing peer-teaching groups

    - Extra-curricular Event
    ▶Academic Forum (or Reflections on the DSU Life)
    ▶International Culture Day: Performances from each country of the students
    ▶International Weeks: Open booths or desks to introduce each country's culture and history

    - Club Activities
    ▶Promotion Club: Making a Youtube video "I Love DSU"
    ▶Korean Exchange Club: Performing mutual interchange with local students
    ▶Sports Club: Operating fitness activities with Division of Leisure and Sports Science
    ▶Volunteer Club: Volunteering activities in suburb areas
    ▶Music Club: Sharing each culture through musical performances
  • 답변
    Dongseo’s Global Studies Institute(GSI) offers international students a chance to study in the fields of
    Digital Contents, Computer Engineering, Film & Video, International Studies, and Biotechnology, all of
    which are taught entirely in English. For international students who are not proficient in Korean, this
    provides a chance to increase their global potential through the opportunity to earn an undergraduate
    degree in a unique field. The advanced curricula of the Global Studies Institute are specially designed
    to prepare international graduates for entering today’s competitive global workforce. The programs
    focus on developing students’ creative potential while also instilling essential technical skills and
    multilingual proficiencies that are key for success. Dongseo’s Global Studies Institute will continuously
    expand its academic fields to attract international students who are willing to embrace challenge for
    their bright future at Dongseo University.

    The ‘Global Studies Institute’(GSI) helps all international students in various ways, such as adjusting
    comfortably to life on campus, excelling in their studies, and setting definite goals and plans for the
    future. The GSI also serves as the central coordinator for and promotor of diverse extracurricular
    activities designed to enrich international students’ socialization with domestic students at DSU.
    Further, the GSI also works closely with the faculty to promote Dongseo University’s academic
    excellence at home and with partners around the world by encouraging interdisciplinary and crossregional research as well as curriculum development.