Academic Notice Course Registration for 2024 Spring Semester

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관리자 2024-02-07 15:01

[Course registration for 2024 spring semester]

February 14-16 is Course registration period.
-February 14 (Wed): 3rd, 4th, and 5th year students (from 12:00pm to 24:00)
-February 15 (Thu): 1st and 2nd year students (from 12:00pm to 24:00)
-February 16 (Fri): all students (from 09:00 to 24:00)

The Course Registration System: http://sugang.dongseo.ac.kr
Please refer to the Course Registration Manual attached in this notice.

For a course list you should register for this semester, please visit each department's notice board at the links below.

-Business Administration: https://uni.dongseo.ac.kr/ic/index.php?pCode=MN2000245
-Computer Engineering: https://uni.dongseo.ac.kr/ic/index.php?pCode=MN2000248
-Film and VFX: https://uni.dongseo.ac.kr/ic/index.php?pCode=MN2000250
-Animation and VFX: https://uni.dongseo.ac.kr/ic/index.php?pCode=MN2000249
-Game Development: https://uni.dongseo.ac.kr/ic/index.php?pCode=MN2000251
-Digital Design: https://uni.dongseo.ac.kr/ic/index.php?pCode=MN2000354
-Korean Language and Business: https://uni.dongseo.ac.kr/ic/index.php?pCode=MN2000246
-Liberal Arts courses: https://uni.dongseo.ac.kr/ic/index.php?pCode=MN0000013&mode=view&idx=1891
-Department of International Studies: please check it at the department office in the Building No. 1.