Academic Notice Tuition Fee Payment for 2024 spring semester

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관리자 2024-02-08 15:01

[Tuition Fee Payment for 2024 spring semester]

Payment period: February 20th(Tue) ~ 23rd(Fri), 2024
*On February 20, scholarship might not be applied yet. Please check the amount and print the invoice later.
**If you are not in Korea and need to pay by international remittance, please contact the IC office.
***If the 9th semester students, the tuition payment period is March 13-14, 2024.

Please print the invoice from Student Support System as follows and pay your tuition with the invoice in the bank by cash.
You can transfer it to the virtual account number written in the invoice.
If you want to pay your tuition fee from abroad or by credit card, you can use "Flywire" for your payment. 

For how to print the invoice, please see the attached pdf manual.

1. Head to Student Support System at https://im.dongseo.ac.kr/
2. Input your login information
3. Click "등록" on the left menu.
4. Click "등록금고지서출력" on the left sub menu.
For installment payment, you should click "분할납부고지서출력" below.
5. There is a small button called “출력” on the top-right corner.
6. There will be a pop-up screen showing the preview of the actual invoice. You can click on the Print button on the top-left corner of the Print Screen.
For bank transfer, please find a virtual account number in the invoice.

If you need a help, please visit IC office or contact me by facebook.