Academic Notice Installment Payment Application for 2024 Spring Semester

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관리자 2024-02-08 15:23

[Installment Payment Application for 2024 Spring Semester]

If you need to pay tuition in installments, please apply in the Student Support System.

-Application period: February 20th(Tue) ~ 21st(Wed), 2024
*Before applying, please check if your scholarship is applied to the total amount.
**Times of Payment: Choose among 2 times ~ 4 times divided payments in the system.
(Tuition amount will be divided accordingly)
***It is not possible to apply after this period.

-How to Apply: see the attached pdf manual.

-Payment location: NH Bank (by cash at the bank or by bank transfer to a virtual account in the invoice)

-Payment Schedule
*First and last payment period is very important to maintain your registration.

-Students who apply for this plan cannot take leave of absence before paying a full tuition.
-Students who don’t pay installments on time will be expelled as unregistered
-Students will not get a refund when they are expelled
-If you transfer the money through virtual account, you have to transfer the exact amount of money shown on the invoice.