General Notice Beautiful Campus Photo Contest

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관리자 2024-03-22 17:53

[Beautiful Campus Photo Contest]


*This notice is from Student Affairs Office.


We are pleased to announce the “Beautiful Campus Photo Contest” to celebrate the arrival of spring in the year 2024. The theme is “Spring at Dongseo University:” Participation is open to enrolled students including international students, and faculty members of DSU. Additionally high school students in Busan are also welcome to participate freely. Following the submission period, an award ceremony and exhibition will be held.



-Grand Prize: 500,000Won (1 winner)

-Excellence Award: 300,000Won (5 winners)

-Encouragement Award: 200,000Won (10 winners)


In addition to these awards, the first 300 participants will receive a 10,000Won coffee coupon just for participating in the contest.


If you are interested in participating in the photo contest, please refer to the following information and actively take part.


[Contest Period]

March 25, 2024 (Mon) – May 31, 2024 (Fri) 16:00


[Submission Method]

  1. 1. Log in the DSU website (mandatory)
  2. 2. Visit the photo registration bulletin board at https://www.dongseo.ac.kr/kr/index.php?pCode=MN2000279
  1. 3. Click the “글쓰기” button (글쓰기 means Write a Post)
  2. 4. Title your post: “Beautiful Campus Photo Contest”
  3. 5. Upload your photos and include personal information (Name, Student ID No., Phone No., and etc) in the post content.

(Not providing personal information may limit your eligibility for awards)


Each participant may submit up to three photos, and it is recommended to submit original digital camera images (at least 1600*1200 pixels)


[Important Notes]

  1. -All submitted photos, regardless of winning, will be owned by Dongseo University for promotional purposes
  2. -Participants are responsible for rights of likeness and copyright
  3. -Awards will be revoked if a winning entry is found to be submitted by someone other than the original creator.


For inquiries, please contact the Student Affairs Office by phone at 051-320-2043, 2044.