Academic Notice Guidance for Face-to-face Offline Classes from Sep 21, 2020.

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관리자 2020-09-08 17:54

Guidance for Face-to-face Offline Classes from Sep 21, 2020.


September 09, 2020.



In accordance with Busan Metropolitan government’ request, Dongseo University will continue online classes until Sept 20, 2020.


From Sept 21, 2020, Dongseo University announces a new guidance regarding offline courses as below:


  1. Only experiment or practice related courses in the computer classrooms or experiment labs can open face-to-face offline classes under the following conditions:


① Courses that specify a face-to-face offline class plan in the syllabus

② Courses with fewer than 20 students


  1. The opening of face-to-face offline classes will be announced later.

※ However, the operation of classes may change due to the government's transition to the COVID-19 quarantine phase.


To clarify the announcement:


Most of the courses in Computer Engineering, Digital Contents (Animation&VFX, Game, Film&VFX) majors will operate face-to-face classes in computer classrooms from Sep 21. So please consult with your course professors.


As for the courses in Business Administration, Korean-Business, and International Studies, Liberal Education will continue online courses until the further announcement. Please consult with your course professors as some courses are the combination of theory and practice.