Welcoming Ceremony for the 2023-2 Semester at International College

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관리자 2023-12-05 17:21

Dongseo University, Welcoming Ceremony for the 2023-2 Semester at International College

On September 13th of the current year, the International College held the welcoming ceremony for foreign exchange students for the second semester of the 2023 academic year at Sohyang Art Hall.

This semester, approximately 300 attendees, including new foreign exchange students and Korean students, gathered from various departments under the International College, such as the Campus Asia Department, Global Business Administration Department, Korean Language and Business Department, Computer Science Department, Game Development Department, Animation Department, Film and Visual Effects Department, Digital Design Department, and East-West Global English Program. They exchanged messages of welcome and congratulations to the new foreign exchange students.

In addition to the undergraduate programs, new students from the Graduate School, including the Korean Language Education Department, Business Administration Department, and Video Contents Department, also participated in the event.

The ceremony featured the screening of an introduction video for International College departments, introduction of professors, congratulatory performances, representative speeches from new students in each department, and a lucky draw.