Closing Ceremony for international students, Spring semester, 2020

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관리자 2020-08-19 00:00

Closing Ceremony for international students

For the completion of coursework

Closing ceremony was held for international students in the spring semester, 2020. Celebrate students who have overcome difficulties in Korea with different environments and cultures.

About 1,000 international students from all over the world are currently studying at Dongseo University.

The Ceremony was held in the Sohyang Art Hall on July 6 in celebration of international students who have completed the course despite facing difficulties due to COVID-19. The event has been streamed online for the students who cannot participate in. 

The event is consist of reading the congratulatory message on behalf of the President, giving students a certificate of completion, awarding outstanding students and impressing of closing online lectures.


The 40 international students and professors attended the event, and it was broadcasted in real-time through Zoom so that other students who want to celebrate the ceremony.

This semester, 48 students, including 2 International Studies, 21 Global Business Administration, 6 Computer Engineering, 18 Digital Content, and 3 Film majors, are currently residing in Korea with 37 students and 11 students residing in their home countries.