Overseas e-book (Original Language Edition) Usage Guide

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관리자 2021-11-23 16:02

Minseok Library provides services for 17,000 titles in foreign e-books.
Most of them are e-books related to majors, and 400 of them are titles related to classical books. (Please refer to the attached ebook list.)
How to Use: Refer to the detailed use guide of the EBSCO ebook (attached file)

Access to the full text of the library: Personal account creation required

1. Access to the e-book is available through the library website collection data or electronic data inspection.
2. Access provider-only platforms: Library Homepage/AcademicDB/Overseas e-book banner click → e-book Collection (EBSCOhost) page
3. Access to a private IP address rather than a school IP address, log in to the library homepage and go to the e-book homepage.