Procedures to visit home during vacation

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관리자 2022-01-13 11:40

[Procedures to visit home during vacation]

If you plan to visit your home abroad during vacation, please complete these steps.

1. Submit the home return survey, so that we can prepare for your return and quarantine.

2. Read the notice about about re-entry and quarantine after your arrival at Korea.
Please read the attached file carefully and you should agree with it if you want to do quarantine at the dormitory.

3. Apply for "re-entry permit" from the Immigration Office through the "Hi Korea" website.
Before your departure, you should make sure to get it. Please refer to my notice about how to apply for the re-entry permit. Please do it at least one week before your departure.

4. If you don't want to pay the dormitory fee during your absence, please return your dormitory key to the dormitory office.
Please read this notice.

5. Take a corona test and get a certificate of the result
To take a flight, you are required to submit a certificate of negative corona test result. Please take a corona test at the hospital. You will have to pay for the certificate issuance. You can get the certificate one day after the test.
Near campus, you can do it at Joeun Samsun Hospital (좋은삼선병원)

6. Contact and send your arrival information to IC office two weeks before your coming back to reserve your quarantine place.

For now, 10 day quarantine is required after entering Korea, even though you completed vaccination, but it might change later.
Keep in touch with me or other staff in my office.

Stay safe and healthy during vacation!