Re-entry Permit: Students who will return home during vacation

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관리자 2022-01-13 11:45

[Re-entry Permit: Students who will return home during vacation]

If you return home during vacation and come back to Korea, you should get Re-entry Permit before you leave.
It takes four working days to get it approved. Please don't forget to apply for re-entry permit at least one week before you leave.

After approval, you can print out the approval confirmation document. You should bring it with you when you leave.

You should do it online at the hikorea website (https://www.hikorea.go.kr/Main.pt)
The process is as below. Two additional forms are required to submit. The forms are attached in this notice.

1. Creat your account at the website
2. Membership Log-in
3. Click Apply of "Petition Application" on the main page
4. Find "Re-entry Permit" and click it.
5. Scroll down the page and click two "agree" boxes and "Next" to move to application page.
6. Complete the online form and submit two necessary documents. You can download the files in this notice.
7. If your application is completed, the immigration office will approve it. It takes 4 working days.
8. Confirm the approval, and print out the Approval Confirmation Document. Bring it with you when you leave.