Career path development program for students who desire to change their major

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GSI 2016-02-11

“This program is designed to support students who consider changing their major due to concerns about their aptitude
and major. Under this program, students are provided with chances for career search and supported to decide their future career path.”

★ Application period: September 7th (Mon) - September 25th (Fri)

★ Target students: Those considering changing their major with concerns over their aptitude and major

★ Program schedule
- Tuesday Group: October 6th (Tue) - November 3rd (Tue), (16:00-18:00)
- Wednesday Group: October 7th (Wed) - November 4th (Wed), (16:00-18:00)

* Only those who can attend every class during five weeks (5 classes in total) may submit an application.
* Point scholarship score will be given.

★ More information: Visit or call (320-2102/2194)

DSU Student Counseling Center
1st floor, IC Building
Phone: 320-2120, 2194