Academic Notice How to pay a tuition fee through Flywire

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관리자 2023-08-22 13:04

[How to pay a tuition fee through Flywire]
*Please note that this Flywire system is not yet available for joint education program students. 
If you want to pay your tuition fee from abroad, you can use "Flywire" for your payment. 
You don't need to go to a bank. You can send mony by bank transfer in your home country or by credit card. When you choose a credit card, some fees will be added.
In the student support system, you can check your scholarship amount and the tuition amount you should pay.
And then, click "Flywire" to get a link to access Flywire system. 
In the Flywire system, you can change a language to English or other languages, and choose your country in the menu.
Please see the attached pdf file to see how to access Flywire.