General Notice METAVERSE: The 16th Global Gathering

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관리자 2021-10-22 17:06

[METAVERSE: The 16th Global Gathering]
*This is a notice from Busan Foundation for International Cooperation.
Good afternoon, everyone!
The 16th Global gathering & the 1st metaverse festival will be opened TOMORROW(23rd OCT), 10:00!!!
Metaverse festival is just like GAME.
You can talk with someone at the festival attend informative classes & watch incredible videos by using your AVATAR.
I just demonstrated it with my colleagues and found out it is Super interesting & funny XD
Its grand opening is 10:00 & the schedule is below. Looking forward to seeing you at the festival!
<How to go to festival>
Click link →  Click 'Global Gathering Gathertown'  → Set avatar & nickname  → Join the Gathering! (→Skip tutorial)
1. Coffee vouchers for 100 people pre-requested slot.
2. Find words in the Gather Town and complete the full sentences. The lucky draw is yours! (Ipad, Galaxy watch/Buzz)
3. If you upload a video that follows the video of the World Culture Exhibition Zone(세계문화전시존) in the main square, FREE GIFT is yours </span></div></div></div></div>

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