Academic Notice International College 2021 Winter Vacation Internship Program

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관리자 2021-10-29 09:40

International College 2021 Winter Vacation Internship Program
International College is pleased to introduce our internship program for the 2021 winter vacation for undergraduate and graduate students majoring in Animation & VFX in International College. We look forward to all applications from eligible students.
  1. 1. Period of Internship : 2021.12.13 ~ 2022.1.28
  2. 2. Work hours: 10AM ~ 4PM (Monday to Friday)
  3. 3. Workplace: CAS (Recreative Art Studios) HCL: Project Incubator Room 5103

※ International College Cultural Heritage Digital Restoration Institute.

  1. 4. Internship Company: WIPCO Limited(www.wipco.co.kr)

    1. 5. Job descriptions

    - Digital generation of modeling & texture data

    - 3D data restoration for the preservation of cultural heritage

    - 3D data scanning and shape restoration

  1. 6. Selection Process

Hiring areas and interns/researchers

    ⦁ System Design: 1 student in PhD program in VFX

    ⦁ Modeling & Texture area: 1 student in PhD program, 2 students in MFA program and 8 undergraduate students

Submission Deadline: November 16 13:00

Evaluators: 4 professors in the relevant major

 Announcement Date of Interns/Researchers Selected: November 19, 2021

  1. 7. Application & Submission

  ❶ Documents to be Submitted

  1.   A. Resume with Self-introduction letter.
  2.   B. Structure: Learning, major performance, and competency management.
  3.   C. Demo Reel: Half Size of HD (MOV / 1920✕1080 / Codec H.264), 1 minute long
  4. ※ Caution

      ⦁Applicants must fill out the form using the form distributed during class.

      ⦁Modeling, texture-focused portfolio evaluation (check surface structure and texture quality)

      ⦁Submissions that do not comply with the right form will be excluded from the review.

  ❷ Evaluation standard

8. Place of Submission: International College Office No. 702
Regarding Inquiries about submission document and demo reel, please contact Prof. Kim, Sojin (New Millennium Building office no. 613)

  1. 9. Remuneration

❶ Scholarships are provided according to the research capabilities of the students.

Necessary LAB space and equipment for conducting research will be provided.

Training in the necessary primary competency education for conducting research.

 In the case of students with excellent research capabilities, experience can be linked to industry internship programs or employment.