Academic Notice 2021-1 Recruitment notice for Change major

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2021-1 Recruitment notice for Change major


  1. Qualification of application

① Students promoted to sophomore to senior

(Current freshman to junior graders or students returning to sophomore to senior grades of 2021-1 Semester)

② A total average score of 2.0 or higher

  1. Possible Change major: 1st semester of sophomore to senior grade
  2. Acceptance criteria

① Career guidance student

② Pass major interview

③ Selection by grade if the number of applicants exceeds (30% of the admission quota)

  1. Unable to apply

① A student whose admission type is specialised

② Students on leave of absence (students returning to school after the second semester of 2021)

③ Transfer students (transfer students can apply for sophomore semester of junior grade or 1st semester of senior grade)


  1. 신청절차





Career guidance score

December. 8th ~21st

sore time : 09:00∼15:00

◾ International College Office (ICB 702)

◾ Submitted documents : Copy of student ID or copy of resident registration card

Career guidance

First : Decembet 23th 2020, Wed /

Second :December 30th 2020, Wed/

Thrid : January 6th 2021, Wed/

Forth4 : January 13th 2021, Wed

Training time : 14:00∼16:00

◾ Dalant Development Center

(Student Plaza 3rd 6601)

◾ Non-attendees will be rejected

Recruitment (Onilne)

January 11th (Mon)~ 12th (Tue)

◾Student Support System→ School Register

→ Application for change major


January 14th (Thu)-January15th (Fri)

interview time : 10:00∼15:00

◾ 본 전공 지도교수 면담 ➞ 전과 전공 면접

※ 진로지도 이수후 면담 가능

◾ Interview with major advisor professor

➞ Interview with change major

※ Interviews are possible after career guidance is completed.

Submission of

change major document

January 14th (Thu)- January 18th (Mon)

until : 15:00

◾ Submission location : Student Service Center Student Register on 4F of Millennium Hall

◾ Document : a change major application

/ a reason for change major


January 19th (Tue) until 15:00

◾ Student Support System→ School Register

→ Confirmation of major change in aptitude

◾ Failure if major is not changed

  1. Key Points

① A student ID or resident registration card that can identify himself/herself when applying for career guidance Fail if not submitted

② Unable to submit after application time.

③ Those who do not participate in the career guidance program of the ‘Dalant Development Center’ will be rejected.

④ Cancellation of transfer if the application is not qualified or found to be illegal even after transfer

⑤ Health and medical major (excluding health administration departments) and transfer to East Asian departments are not allowed.


Future Career College is available for transfer within Future Career College. Other departments (department) and Transfer (transfer and transfer) to a major is not allowed.

⑥ Students who have not been confirmed their previous grades among overseas credit exchange students, will be asked to do so yourself (Requires separate confirmation from the Office of Education)

※ Students wishing to transfer to the police administration major must attend a department briefing (see the department's website on December. 29th )


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