General Notice Regulation for the Working Students

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GSI 2016-10-11 16:03

GSI would like to inform all the working students of “Regulation for the Working Students in GSI office.”

Regulation for the Working Students

1. You should observe the working hours in the GSI office.

2. If, for some reason, you miss the working hours, you should notify the office in advance and make them up later.

3. You do not need to work during the week before mid-term exams but you should all come to the reading room (#704) and prepare for your mid-term exams.

4. You do not work during mid-term exam week and do not have to make it up.

5. Please fill out the voluntary service form correctly every day.

6. At the end of the semester, all the working students get together and discuss what you learned from working and what you could have done better.

If you have any question or problems to discuss regarding working, please visit during the office hours (9am-6pm).