Academic Notice [B.A. Freshmen] Class Schedule for Spring Semester, 2017

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GSI 2017-02-13 18:35

For Business Adminstration Freshmen,

1) You must sign up all the courses (major and foundation studies) listed in the table of the attached file: Total credits: 16.

2) You can sign up up to 18 credits. Therefore you can take liberal arts courses that suits your course schedule. However, don't jeopardize your GPA by taking so many courses.

3) The course "Writing & Communication" is a Korean basic course.

4) Student Number from 20162644~ to 20162651 should take English Conversation2 101 class on Mondays.

Student Number from 20162652~ to 20162659 should take English Conversation2 103 class on Thursdays.