Academic Notice Graduate Programs launched by International College

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관리자 2020-11-05 16:42

Hello everyone, 

We are happy to announce that there are graduate programs run by International College.

It starts from the upcoming spring semester, so please take a look and apply for it.

 - Application Notice: https://uni.dongseo.ac.kr/eng/ 
 - Application Site: http://www.jinhakapply.com/frame105740.aspx

 - Application Period: November 1st.  - 30th., 2020


Graduate School of Department of Visual Contents offers MA, Msc, MFA, and Ph.D. degree in research areas of animation, film, visual effects, and visual marketing & promotion. Students in the graduate program experience changes in their aesthetic capacity depth, facilitated by continuous content development of varied learning, research, and practice to cultivate creative and convergent talents.

Graduate School of Business Administration offers MA and PhD degress in the areas of marketing, management Science, and finance & accounting. Since Dongseo University has successfully run International College as dedicated organization for international students, graduate programs are also expected to give powerful values to students.

More information on these two majors please refer to https://uni.dongseo.ac.kr/ic/index.php?pCode=MN2000231