Dongseo Salad Bowl Program (winter vacation 2018)

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관리자 2018-01-22 12:00

DSU Salad Bowl Program

The Global Studies Institute (GSI) oversees programs for international students at Dongseo University, and from January 8-12 it operated the DSU Salad Bowl Program under the umbrella of the ACE+ Project. Nine international students (five men and four women) and nine Korean students (also five men and four women) participated.

As part of the event, the international students and Korean students were paired in dormitory rooms, experiencing intensive linguistic and cultural learning. This provided an excellent opportunity for international students to learn about Korean etiquette, food, tea ceremonies, taekwondo, etc., and to share aspects of their own cultures with fellow Korean participants.

Participants’ Impressions

Department of Media Communication, Lim Jae-hyuk: It was a really good chance to improve my English skills with the international students over these past five days. Moreover, even for me, as a Korean, I got a chance to study more about Korean culture and the history of Busan.

Department of Leisure & Sports Science, Lee Chang-lim: Before participating in this program, I viewed foreigners as belonging to certain stereotypes because I couldn’t speak well with them. After participating in this program, however, I felt that my new foreign friends were just like me. Also, I felt a desire to study English more than before.

Department of Computer Engineering, Akrolbaek Avdukkamitov (Uzbekistan): I was so happy to learn Korean directly from a native Korean. If there is another opportunity, I want to participate in the program one more time.

Department of Film & Video, Kiara Asha (Indonesia): I wish the program had lasted much longer. I was sad that the time flew by during the five days. What I experienced was too memorable to ever forget.