General Notice Film Shooting for 2022 workshop projects.

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관리자 2022-11-16 22:10

Go out and roll the camera!!!

Golden Autumn, students in the Film&VFX department are running around shooting for their DSU projects. Most people only care about whether the final product is interesting or not, whether it has high artistic attainments or whether the scenes are gorgeous. However, from a student's standpoint, the process is often more important than the outcome in influencing a student's evaluation of their study abroad experience, and documenting the process is often more important. That's the beauty of making film!

With limited space, limited staff, and limited funds, students mobilize all their ideas and contacts just to create a scene that meets the atmosphere of their own work. This process leaves a deeper impression on the students as they think about and practice the growth of their professional field of study in the classroom.

Filmmakers never stop!!!