[2022 Fall semester] Liberal Art Elective Courses List

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관리자 2022-08-10 14:48

SectionsCourse NameCourse CodeClass no.ClassroomCredits
Literature & ArtsMedia and Culture140433101IC2013
Music on Screen140293101IC5032
Music and Creativity140352101IC5032
Korean through Dramas & Movies140345201IC2012
Science & TechnologyUnderstanding Space: Human Beings, Architecture and City140249102IC6042
Humanities & HistoryConcert of Economics141510102IC6042
Current News in Korean140346201IC6032
Society & ValueIntroduction to Wellness140431101IC2013
Society and Welfare140435101IC6043
The Civil Rights Movement141429101IC5032
World & CultureGlobal Issues140432101IC6043
Korean TOPIK II-1140324201IC6032
Advanced Korean Communication Skills140351201IC2012