Interview - Aristarchus P. Kuntjara

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관리자 2023-03-02 13:00

   The chance to work with the Cultural Heritage Digital Restoration Lab, which carries out significant initiatives for the cultural institutions and the visual content sectors, makes me delighted. The initiatives I have been exposed to have given me a chance to see a little portion of the massive endeavour required to preserve and conserve natural monument and cultural heritage.

   Techniques and the development of the abilities necessary to complete the duties, the project in which I am involved challenges me to solve problems. I also gain some knowledge about Korean artifacts, culture, and the country's initiatives for cultural preservation and digitalization. The experience has opened my eyes to the possibilities for using similar research techniques to study other priceless cultural legacies, such as those from Indonesia, where I currently reside. I value the group's knowledge and perseverance in producing noteworthy work. I'm excited to keep learning from them and to work with them on upcoming tasks and projects.