Career Tracks

Digital Marketing Design Track

Digital marketing design is the creation of visually appealing and effective graphics, images, and layouts for digital marketing channels. It aims to engage audiences, convey brand messages, and enhance overall marketing performance. This design discipline covers various aspects, such as social media graphics, banner ads, email templates, infographics, and website layouts. Successful digital marketing design considers elements like typography, color schemes, and imagery to create a cohesive brand identity. It requires a balance between aesthetics and functionality, ensuring that visuals are attractive while also driving user engagement and conversions. A key aspect of digital marketing design is responsiveness, ensuring visuals adapt well to different devices and screen sizes. In addition, it incorporates data-driven insights, like user behavior and preferences, to optimize design elements for better results. Ultimately, digital marketing design plays a crucial role in connecting brands with their target audience and achieving marketing objectives in the digital landscape.

blt01.gif Track Requirements

Course Requirements Extracurricular Activities

Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Visiting at least one industrial company

Information Visualization for Business Intelligence

Practices in Design and Market Research

Digital Publishing

Web Design and Development