Main Campus

Dongseo University’s main campus has lots to see and do. Depending on your interests, there are many ways to spend a few hours between classes or a weekend afternoon with friends. Here are just some of the things you might consider doing on campus.


Dongseo has two main sports centers where students can exercise, swim, play basketball, badminton or golf. DSU also has a full sized soccer field covered in AstroTurf and surrounded by rubberized running track.


Libraries are not typically exciting, but the Minseok Library at Dongseo University might surprise you. It is the largest library in the region and features private study rooms with video viewing capabilities. It also has a U-Zone (Music Booth, A/V Booth, Searching Booth, Web Booth, Lab Booth, UCC Room, Group A/V Room, Browsing Booth), an IT Zone, and a Multiplex (Cinema).


DSU’s main campus in Jurye is beautiful in every season. It has trails, rest areas, and beautiful views of surrounding areas. Students and local residents enjoy the natural scenery available in the heart of a busy metropolitan area.


DSU has student clubs to suit a wide range of interests. These offer a great opportunity to get involved with other similarly minded students. Many of the club rooms are located on the 3rd floor of the Student Plaza, giving students a convenient location to plan and execute their activities. The list below shows some of the clubs operating at Dongseo University.

Club Type Club Name
  • Robot research club "Mecha"
  • Computer academic club "CAN"
  • Japanese literature club "Japan research club"
  • Venture firm research club "ING"
  • Amateur wireless center "HAM"
  • Critical literature club "Hantobagi"
  • Semiconductor research club "NANO"
  • Automobile research club "WHEEL"
  • Theater arts "Maha"
  • Musical club "Unplugged"
  • Baseball club "ACE"
  • Bowling club "Goolimteo"
  • Football club "Blue dolphins"
  • Judo club "Judo"
  • Soccer club "DASH"
  • Tennis club "Top spin"
  • Basketball club "HOOK"
  • Japanese Fencing club "Kendo"
  • Taekwondo club "Yeowool"
  • Taekkyeon club "Gyuhroo"
Volunteer and Religion
  • Volunteer club "Baekyang Rotarect"
  • Self-volunteer club "Duh bool uh saneun saesang"
  • Volunteer for disabled "Haneul ah rae han maeul"
  • Volunteer club "CCC"
  • Comic books club "Ipti"
  • Computer music club "Midi-mix"
  • Amateur dance club "U.C.D.C."
  • Tradiational literature art "Yessory"
  • Rock club "ALIVE"
  • Picture club "Tachyon"