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The Story of DSU photo1

Dr. Sung Man Chang (also known as “Min Seok”) founded the Dongseo Educational Foundation in 1965 with the aim of spreading education based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. At present, the Dongseo Educational Foundation has given rise to three different institutions of higher education: Kyoungnam College of Information and Technology (1965), Dongseo University (1992), and Busan Digital University (2002). Together these three institutions – KIT, DSU and BDU – educate around 20,000 students annually and employ over 1,000 professors and staff.

Following upon the developments of KIT, authorization was granted in 1992 for DSU to accept 400 students to 8 majors (40 in Mathematics, 80 in Electronic Technology, 80 in Computer Technology, 40 in Industrial Technology, 40 in Environmental Technology, 40 in Chemical Engineering, 40 in Food Science, and 40 in Industrial Design). At that time, DSU operated under the name Dongseo College of Technology.

One year later, in 1993, the name was changed to Dongseo University of Technology, and in 1995, while Founder Dr. Sung Man Chang was serving as its third president, the school assumed the current name of Dongseo University.

In 1999, Dr. Sung Man Chang was elected First Chairman of the Busan Christian Organization – after long service as Minister, Statesman, and Educator. He was succeeded by Dr. Dong Soon Park, who left her role as Executive Director of KIT to become DSU’s fourth president.

Dr. Dong Soon Park served three consecutive terms as president of Dongseo University, during which the school underwent remarkable development and global expansion. In 2011, Dr. Park retired and was succeeded by Dr. Jekuk Chang, who now serves as the eighth president of Dongseo University.

Throughout its history, DSU has remained committed to its founding principles of creating graduates possessed of faith, hope, and love in the spirit of Jesus Christ. By offering students the best educational opportunities, it is hoped that Dongseo University graduates will serve their communities through what they have learned as upstanding global citizens.