Studying can make you hungry, and Dongseo University has many options to satisfy your cravings. Listed here are some of the cafeterias, cafes, and restaurants located on DSU’s main campus. In addition to the various eateries and coffee shops on campus, there are a lot of reasonably priced restaurants nearby that are popular with students.


There are three student cafeterias serving different menus of Korean foods each day. These are located in the Business Administration Building, the Green Hall, and the Global Village.


The foreign language departments at DSU have these associated cafes: Chinese Café, English Café, and Japanese Café.
There are also two cafes on the third floor of the Student Plaza, Buzz Café on the first floor of the Electronic Information Building, and Caffe Lieto attached to the Global Village.


Many of the cafes in the previous section sell snacks, hot foods, and drinks. If you are looking for something more filling, you can check out the three restaurants on the first floor of the Student Plaza: Mom’s Touch (chicken and burgers), Food de Pam (Korean food), or Lunch Court (boxed-style meals).

Convenience Stores

If you are looking to grab a quick snack between classes, you might stop by one of the two convenience stores on campus: the Annex behind the Cultural Studies Building or the 7-11 in the Student Plaza.