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Chancellor’s Message

Dongseo Educational Foundation Chancellor
Park Dong-soon

“Until our God given mission has been completed, the university and I will work for the local community as though we owe them a debt of gratitude.”

-Quote from an interview for the 50th anniversary of the Dongseo Educational Foundation-


With the Christian values of loving God and ones neighbors as a founding philosophy, Dongseo University was established by “Minseok” Chang Sung-man, PhD. The university emphasizes humanistic, Christ centered education to foster competent persons who can serve God and humanity. Its mottos are “truth, creation and service.”

The three strategies of specialization, informatization and internationalization have helped Dongseo University grow rapidly and become widely recognized, especially for the majors of Film & Video, IT, Design, and Digital Contents.

When it opened, the site of the university campus was a stark mountainside. It has now been transformed into a global campus for the 21st century, one that has recently been redefined as a “new prestigious university” and a “future university,” with many prominent figures visiting from around the world.

Over the next century, creativity will be needed more than ever before. The coming era will require integration among talented individuals with differentiated capacities. Through continual adaptation, Dongseo University will establish a new paradigm for educational contents and methods. It will help each student develop his or her creativity to its fullest in all majors.

Dongseo is a university that serves its community, and we earnestly strive to connect with our neighbors. We will be a university that improves alongside our community and proudly represents our area.

I would like to express my gratitude to the university’s faculty, students, alumni, and neighbors who have shown their commitment and affection toward the university. We will continue to work toward achieving our dream.


Educational Background

  • 1958. 2. Graduated from Busan Women’s High School
  • 1962. 2. Graduated from Ewha Women’s University, majoring in English Language and Literature
  • 1964. 8. Completed graduate program in Theology in the U.S.
  • 1999. 4. Received an Honorary Doctorate degree in Literature from Pusan National University
  • 2007. 3. Received an Honorary Doctorate degree from Josai International University in Japan
  • 2013. 5. Received an Honorary Doctorate degree in Engineering from University of Oulu in Finland

Work Experience

  • 1971. 3. ~ 1995. 3. Professor at Kyungnam College of Information & Technology in Busan
  • 1972. 3. ~ 2010. 1. Director of Busan YWCA
  • 1985. 5. ~ 2012.11. Director of Busan Legal Aid Center for Family Relations
  • 1995. 3. ~ 1999. 2. Chancellor of Dongseo Educational Foundation
  • 1999. 3. ~ 2011. 2. 4th, 5th, and 6th President of Dongseo University
  • 2008. 7. ~ 2010. 6. President of International Zonta Club of Area 32
  • 2009.12. ~ present Governor of Busan Mother Green Movement (BMGM)
  • 2015. 3. ~ present Chancellor of Dongseo Educational Foundation


  • 1996. 12. 26. Received a Citation of the Minister of Education (as a person of merit in lifelong education)
  • 1999. 10. 2. Received a Presidential Award of Dongseo Extension University
  • 2005. 7. 4. Received the 7th Women of Busan Award
  • 2008. 10. 9. Received an Achievement Award as Alumnae of Busan Women’s High School
  • 2010. 3. 4. Received an Award for Creative Management (in the area of value management) from the Korea Joongang Daily
  • 2013. 10. 30. Received the Kim Hwal-ran Female Leader Award from the Korea National Council of Women
  • 2016. 3. 22. Received Kim Hwal-ran Female Leader Award from the Korea National Council of Women


  • . 6. 10. ≪A Story to Share≫
  • 2002. 8. 25. ≪My Dream, My University≫
  • 2007. 2. 5. ≪Sohayang Walk≫
  • 2011. 2. 23. ≪Holding the World in My Heart≫