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President’s Greeting

Dongseo University President
Jekuk Chang
President of Dongseo University Dr. Jekuk Chang

“We support the dreams of young people to help them pioneer a new era with their creative talent and passion.”

Since Dongseo University opened in 1992, it has been growing rapidly based on the three strategies of specialization, informatization and internationalization. Now, Dongseo University is preparing for the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution with a new vision of an innovative Future University.

  • Future

    Assembly-type university, future classes, convergence education integrating creativity and practical application

  • Total

    Truly globalized campus – Campuses in the U.S., China, and Japan

  • Advanced
    Base for Entrepreneurship

    Haeundae Centum Campus

Dongseo offers a new kind of education that is different from other existing ones. At Dongseo University, we are striving to break the stereotypes of education to enable us to be better at discovering and fostering the talents of each student. Our purpose is not only to find their talents, but to provide our students with customized education to develop their value as individuals through humanistic and internationalized education. To this end, the university is establishing an Assembly-type system. This new paradigm for higher education represents an advancement over traditional university systems and involves sharing outstanding educational contents from around the world by offering remote lectures from esteemed experts in foreign countries.

Dongseo University is recognized as a leader in internationalization. Through its various global programs, as many as 1,000 students a year can obtain overseas experiences. Moreover, the university is expanding its global programs in areas such as joint degree programs with distinguished universities in foreign countries. These programs create opportunities both for students from overseas and for those at Dongseo University, who may visit one another’s country as though they are part of a single campus.

Selected for undergraduate specialization CK project Highest level of funding among private universities in the southeast area Selected as a Well-taught University in ACE+ project Selected in 2017 for the second consecutive year as the only Industry-University Cooperation (LINC+) project in the Busan, Ulsan, and Gyeongnam region

Recently, Dongseo University has been selected for the CK project, LINC+ project, and ACE+ project. We have established a strong foundation as a Future University set to lead in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Through innovative future-oriented education, enhancement of global capabilities, and “education without dropouts,” which values the potential of each student, Dongseo University will help all of its students create a Bright Future.

Dongseo is a globally competitive university that is ideal for promising young students preparing to enter upon the world stage. I am confident your dreams may be fulfilled at Dongseo University, and I look forward to meeting you.

President of Dongseo University Dr. Jekuk Chang