Campus Life

Campus Life


Modern housing, dining and recreation facilities make DSU’s campuses a welcome home away from home. recreation facilities.

Between classes, students can grab a coffee and snack, take a quiet stroll, watch a movie, or play sports or billiards – all without leaving campus. Also, high-speed Wifi service covers the 82 acres and 24 buildings of DSU’s main campus to keep you connected anywhere you go.

The classrooms are all equipped with computers and audio/visual technologies, and the research laboratories have state-of-the art equipment. The entire infrastructure at Dongseo University has been developed to give students the best learning experience.

The new Centum Campus in Haeundae is at the heart of Busan’s film and media district.

It is also near the world’s largest department store and Korea’s most popular beach. Students can fill any break times they have between classes with countless options for fun. Free shuttle buses run regularly to connect the two Busan campuses of Dongseo University.

DSU has many extracurricular activities to help students pursue their interests and develop their talents.

During their time at Dongseo, students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities such as clubs and athletics as well as various local and international competitions. International students benefit from DSU’s strong support services and culture sharing programs.