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How to Apply

Foreigners and non-native Koreans are eligible to apply for the undergraduate program.


Spring Semester
November 30
Fall Semester
May 31

Application for the admission

Required documents for the admission

Required documents for the admission
No. Required Documents and Order of Attachment Comments
0 Self-Review Checklist for Application  
1 Form 1: Applicant’s Personal and Academic Information  
2 Form 2: Personal Statement  
3 Form 3: Teacher / Professor Evaluation  
4 Form 4: Financial Affidavit  
5 Form 5: Study Plan  
6 Form 6: Medical Check-up Report  
7 Original Copy of Certificate of Highest Level of Education Transfer students should include a high school graduation certificate and an enrollment certificate from the current university.
※ Check the notice below
8 Original Transcript of Highest Level of Education Transfer students should include an original copy of transcripts from the current university.
※ Check the notice below
9 Government Document Proving the Relationship between the Student and Sponsor Ex: Birth Certificate, Family Registration Certificate, etc.
※ Check the notice below
10 Bank Balance Certificate The Bank Balance Certificate must show a balance of over US$18,000 and must be issued within 30 days of submission; or, if the Bank Balance Certificate lists a period of validity, it is acceptable only within that period (up to 6 months).
11 Sponsor’s Certificate of Employment and Certificate of Income Self-sponsoring students must submit their own Certificate of Employment and Certificate of Income.
12 Copy of Passport  
13 Transcript of Korean Proficiency Test (TOPIK) - Level 3 or above Students applying to English-based programs should submit a certificate proving English proficiency: Ex. TOEFL 530, CBT 197, iBT 71, IELTS 5.5 and TEPS 600.(NEW TEPS 327)
14 Application Fee US$ 60 for undergraduate or Master’s Program / US$ 90 for Doctorate Program
  • Documents 7, 8, and 9 must be translated and notarized if the original documents are not in Korean.
  • Transcripts and diplomas issued by non-Korean academic institutions must be verified and certified by the Korean Embassy, where the institutions are located. If these documents are submitted from an Apostille member country, the Apostille verification may be used.
  • Application documents, including transcripts, certificates and test results, will not be returned to the applicant.
※ Download the self-checklist and submit it with your application package.

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Application Package

Complete all forms in the Application Package.

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Admissions Procedure

  1. STEP 01Online Application
  2. STEP 02Submission of the Required Documents
  3. STEP 03Document Evaluation
  4. STEP 04Announcement of Admission Results
  5. STEP 05Payment of Tuition Fee
  6. STEP 06Issuance of Admission Certificate
  7. STEP 07Application for Visa to Korea
  8. STEP 08Registration & Course Selection

Mailing Address

Please submit the application documents by post to:
International Exchange Center
Dongseo University
47 Jurye-ro, Sasang-gu, Busan, 47011, Republic of Korea