Create your Bright Future at Dongseo University!

The promise of “Before Dongseo, After Dongseo” represents our commitment to helping every DSU student achieve his or her career ambitions. The educational programs at Dongseo University are specially designed to support creativity and talent so that our students succeed by pursuing their passions.

Many Dongseo graduates have entered prestigious careers in Korea and abroad. They explain that the skills developed at Dongseo University helped them enter easily into international workplaces or into local industries without need of much on-site training. .

Every semester DSU students win local and international contests.

Our students give us great reasons to be proud. Within Korea and abroad, DSU students are often recognized for their outstanding ability. The close relationship between professors and students at DSU forms a basis for collaborative projects and research.

Horizons expand through study and service.

DSU encourages students to give back to local and international communities by getting involved in sponsored outreach programs. Some volunteer groups include the International Tech Corps, Sorok Island Volunteer Corps, and Nakdong River Protection Corps. These and other volunteer clubs enable students to invest their efforts in ways that offer lifelong rewards.