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Career Placements

B.D.A.D. represents DSU’s promise to help students reach their goals despite any previous academic or personal obstacles. The programs and opportunities at Dongseo University are proven to help talented individuals succeed on a global stage. Here are just a few success stories.

  • Fatma, Assistant to the Managing Director of LG Electronics Egypt (Department of International Studies, 2015)
    The former Managing Director of LG Electronics Egypt finished his term, so a new Managing Director arrived in Cairo and was looking for an assistant. I applied for the job, and went through IQ and MS office tests as well as 3 interviews, the final one with the Managing Director himself. Happily enough, I was accepted! The main reason, I believe, was my study in Korea at Dongseo University’s Department of International Studies (DIS). My professors there gave me the combination of excellent English and academic skills which, along with the Korean I also learned at DSU, set me apart from the other applicants.
  • "Dreams of being a world-class journalist!"
    Lee Ji-Hye, Broadcasting Producer at KCTS, New York (Digital Contents, 2005)
    The OJT (on-the-job-training) at DSU and its internship program run through the Overseas Career Center were a springboard to my dream. And I am still dreaming. Water that stops moving stagnates, so I would like to encourage my juniors to never stop dreaming and to always keep trying to reach your dreams. “Fighting”!

  • "Improves English through Global Programs!"
    Jung Yu-Jin, PR in Boston University Graduate School (Visual Communication, 2006)
    The Global English Program and the Dongseo Study Abroad Program helped me improve my English. Also helpful were the English-based courses taught in the Global Liberal Arts Program. Together these opportunities helped me prepare for taking college courses in the USA. I will continue working hard and I hope to share a sense of pride with my fellow DSU alumni.

  • "Sets definite goals and plans!"
    Joo Hye-Ri, Master’s Program in East Asia, Duke University (International Studies, 2006)
    I gained confidence and improved my international skills in the Dongseo Global Program and Study Abroad Program. This helped me receive a full scholarship from Duke University. Dear DSU friends: studying English is important, but don’t forget it is most important to set definite goals and plans for the future.

  • "Gain internship experience abroad!"
    (Left) Park Jin-Sook, Domestic Production, LA EdgeMine (Design, 2008) (Right) Park Min-Joo, LA EdgeMine (Design, 2008)
    The two of us and three of our closest friends were able to work together as interns through the Overseas Internship Program at Dongseo University. The on-the-job-training we received was very helpful in teaching us about the actual expectations of employers. We are all very proud of our school and we enjoy seeing other DSU graduates succeed in all types of areas.

  • "Perseveres through challenge!"
    Choi Ji-Won, Reporter, TVL 24, LA Korean Broadcasting Station (Visual Communication 2006)
    I have always dreamed of becoming a reporter, and I am really excited to be currently working in the USA as part of the Overseas Internship Program at Dongseo University. The practice-based courses I took while studying at DSU, which involved Writing PR Articles and doing CM Production, made it possible for me to adapt quickly and easily to the actual work I am now doing on site.