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BDADConvergence Education

Convergence Education

Convergence Education

Dongseo University is fostering talent leaders by introducing “convergence education.”
This creative educational method dissolves borders between disciplines and between industry and academia. In today’s rapidly changing era, educational innovation is essential to stay ahead of coming trends, and DSU is leading the field in providing graduates with the relevant skills needed to pursue advanced professional careers.


For the first time in Korea, DSU has implemented an “O2O (Online-to-Offline)” program.
This involves merging online lectures (e-learning) with offline lectures (presentation and discussion). Students prepare in advance by watching course contents online. Then, during the offline component, they and their professor give presentations and participate in more productive Q&A sessions. A special “Creativity Lecture Room” has been reserved for 020 courses, which are currently operated in the field of International Logistics under the Department of International Studies. The 020 courses have met with a highly positive response from students.

Class Selling

DSU's LINC (Leaders in INdustry-university Cooperation) Program has begun operating a “Class Selling” program designed to benefit both students and businesses.
DSU provides facilities and offers an industry-university project as regular class. The business supports the program through scholarships and participates in project developments occurring in classes. The end results of the project may then be purchased by the business. At present, the Class Selling program designed by the DSU LINC Team involves 11 companies. Areas of cooperation include smart phone games, flash animations, etc.

VOICE Program

The 'VOICE Program' of the Division of Business Administration is a new industry-university cooperative management immersion program.
Students and professors work in a specially designated “VOICE Room” as well as in virtual settings to carry out on-the-job training involving a project suggested by a company. The students earn credits and gain chances for domestic or overseas short-term internships. Certificates and prize money may also be awarded. In 2018, the Division of Business Administration signed a marketing agreement with Busan City Government for various local projects.

Route Systems

The College of Design at DSU has carried out a large-scale educational innovation by merging its five majors into eight route curricula.
The routes are as follows
Graphics, Communication, Digital Media, Creative Advertising, Industrial Service, Product Innovation, Environment 1, and Environment 2.
Each route offers differentiated design education unique to the College of Design at Dongseo University. The objective of the route education system is to facilitate convergence education offering direct application and involving professors of design, professors of other majors, and industry experts.