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Student Testimonials

Here's what our international students have said.

  • Rabello de Souza Suzana, Brazil

    My name is Suzana and I am Brazilian. I had been living in Brazil my whole life until last year, when I decided to study in Korea. My first contact with the country was through K-Pop – the Korean wave is a big phenomenon….

    [One]thing that surprised me a lot was how Koreans love foreigners!
    Wherever I go, people always talk to me….
    It makes you feel very welcomed….
    Korea is an amazing place and I wish I could stay for longer.

    I go back to Brazil in January of 2012 and I already know I will miss this country so much.
  • Li Si Yan, China

    I came from Beijing to study IT, Media Production and Design at Dongseo University. I applied to DSU because I learned from my friends and from media sources that DSU is a leading university in the fields I am studying. I am confident that based on my experience, I will make my dreams come true.

    The campus is beautiful and fully equipped with great facilities and capabilities. I believe DSU is a university of first rank in Asia. It provides students with rich opportunities to have a good career. I hope to upgrade my skills at Dongseo University and accomplish my goals on a bigger stage. I am certain that Dongseo University will be an important key on the path. I am also happy to have so many friends on campus.
  • Lee Shily, Malaysia

    As someone who did not know Korean, I was having a lot of difficulty in my early days here, but luckily I was able to get through this by attending Korean language classes.

    My Korean friends also helped a lot…[and] like other foreign students, while studying at Dongseo University I was able to meet new friends from different parts of the world such as China, Japan, India, Korea, Germany, Mongolia, Indonesia, and so on. Although we come from different countries we always chat, hang out, and share our culture including food, customs and language.
  • Iftekar Salam, Bangladesh

    When I first came to Korea in 2009, I had very little knowledge about the culture and lifestyle here. A part of me was concerned about adapting to the new environment, while another part was excited to explore a new country, culture, and people. Now, when I look back it seems like just yesterday I came to Korea, while in reality already two years of my life have passed here. It's been such a wonderful experience!
  • Georg Wandrey, Germany

    My name is Georg Wandrey and I study biotechnology at Dongseo University….
    At Dongseo University, I do not only appreciate the choice of lectures but also the infrastructure provided by the whole campus, which is crucial for successful studies….

    The campus life is vivid, and it is easy to get in contact with Korean and international students alike in common activities like voluntary language courses or tutoring programs.

    The modern dormitory, called International House, is a good housing opportunity, while the view from the hillside location of the campus over the valley is amazing, especially at night. I believe that this university is on the right track with its international exchange program – I have experienced the synergy myself.
  • Channak Kroch, Cambodia

    I am Channak Kroch from Cambodia. I transferred to Dongseo University to study film and visual arts. I feel proud that I am able to study at Dongseo University. Although I did not know about Korea or Korean culture before my arrival, I quickly felt that I was at home here thanks to the kindness of the faculty and staff and the warm welcome I received.

    Dongseo University is providing me with varied experiences to make me a better person in ways that I’d never imagined. Although I still have many things to learn and experience, I am confident that I have a bright future because I am receiving a great education and maturing both personally and religiously at Dongseo University.
  • Cindy Muljosumarto, Indonesia

    I am Cindy Muljosumarto from Indonesia. When I came to Busan, Dongseo University welcomed me with a refreshing breeze and a big campus. While studying at Dongseo University, I was able to meet many foreign students in addition to my Korean peers. Everyone I encountered was quite helpful and treated me with kindness, and it made me feel like I was at home. The knowledge that I have acquired at Dongseo University will help me think in a different way and will act as the base for my lectures when I become a professor. I believe that this knowledge will also contribute to the development of Indonesian Education.
  • Gurevich Svelana, Russia

    I am from Sakhalin, Russia. I am very impressed with Korea because it’s highly industrialized and very beautiful. I will study at Dongseo University for four months as an exchange student. My professor said that I will have a great opportunity to learn about Korea by communicating with students from Korea and from other countries, and this will give me a chance to improve my English. Another thing that impresses me is that Dongseo University shares some of the same subjects with Sakhalin State University. I think Dongseo University is a good place to network. That’s because I want to work abroad and have a chance to make friends from other countries such as Malaysia and Germany.