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Outreach Programs

Truth, Creativity, Service

As its motto of “Truth, Creativity, Service” suggests, Dongseo University strongly believes in the value of learning by giving. Our many local and international outreach programs offer students chances to make a positive community impact through volunteering.
Nearly everyone who participates in these programs recommends them to their friends, and we often here how the programs help to build team spirit and broaden student perspectives.
And of course there is also the natural satisfaction we all experience in helping others.

International Tech. Corps

Volunteer Service
Each year Dongseo University sends an International Tech Corps to perform volunteer services in remote regions of East Java in Indonesia.
The teams help in developing local infrastructure projects such as the installation of street lights and clean water facilities.
They also offer basic instruction in areas of computing and science and engage in many types of cultural exchange.
The International Tech Corps volunteers have worked in close cooperation with student volunteers from Indonesia, Japan, the Netherlands and other countries.

Sorok Island Volunteer Corps

Sorok National Hospital
As of 2014, Dongseo University has begun sending its Sorok Island Volunteers to help provide meals, basic services and companionship to the roughly 600 patients at Sorok National Hospital during both the summer and winter vacation periods.
On each visit, teams of approximately 30 members stay for about a month on the island.
As one student in the Department of Nursing expressed, “Helping the elderly patients at the [Sorok] hospital has filled me with a sense of warmth and reward.”

Local Community Volunteer Corps

Roughly 100 Volunteers
With a local network of roughly 100 organizations offering social welfare, child development, and health services, Dongseo University has been able to give back to its community.
Student volunteers in this program submit proposals outlining services they feel would be beneficial in the area.
Through their contributions, they may achieve the goals of their proposal and also earn an academic credit for completing 30 hours of service.
In 2014, there were over 700 students who participated.

Nakdong River Protection Corps

Nakdong River
The Nakdong River flows from the Taebaek Mountains to the South Sea, with an important ecological estuary forming in the Busan region.
Each year, volunteers belonging to the Dongseo University Nakdong River Protection Corps conduct scientific research and contribute their efforts toward the purification and preservation of this essential component in the local environment.
They also usually have some fun together in exploring the bike paths running alongside the river’s natural course.