Welcome to the Graduate School of Bio-Chemical Engineering!

Dongseo University, Technical University of Berlin, and Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg have operated joint-degree programs at the graduate level since 2008. Our three institutions offer an identical curriculum in Bio-chemical Engineering specially designed to prepare graduate students to be world-class Biotechnology professionals able to work anywhere in today’s globalized society.

Features of the dual-degree program include teaching all courses in English, dividing study time equally between Korea and Germany, and conferring degrees from each partner institution. Additional degrees in Brewery Science and Medical Biotechnology may also be obtained.

Bio-chemical Engineering is an integrated field encompassing the disciplines of chemistry, biology, chemical engineering and genetics. It involves technical analysis, production and change processes, and research on the cells of animals and plants including microorganisms and organic metabolism. The applications of Bio-chemical Engineering can be expanded to medical areas as well as to sciences involving food and nutrients. Other areas of actual application include Bionics, Fermentation Technology, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Bio-chemical Engineering.

We thank you for your interest in our graduate program, and we hope you will help us create a better tomorrow through engineering sciences!