Bachelor of Business Administration

The Business Administration (BA) curriculum provides knowledge that is applicable across many fields, including Human Resource Management, Marketing, and Global Entrepreneurship. To obtain a Bachelor of Business Administration (BA) degree, students must meet Liberal Education, General Elective, and Department requirements. To graduate, a minimum of 130 credits must be obtained including 40 credits or more in Liberal Education and 64 credits or more in their major courses.

General Requirements

The Liberal Education Requirements include both the ‘required & elective liberal arts courses’ and ‘required departmental liberal arts course(s)’; see details below.
Required Liberal Arts Credits
General Requirements
Students must have satisfied all “Chapel1 to 6” or “Public Service1 to 6”; students also must have satisfied all courses:
Design and Creative Thinking (Adventure Design)더보기
Open Thinking and Expression더보기 2
Reading the World in Classic Books더보기 2
Creative Coding for Everything 1더보기 2
Creative Coding for Everything 2더보기 2
Students must have satisfied all courses: 
Korean1더보기 2
Korean2더보기 2
Korean3더보기 2
Liberal Arts Electives1  
Students must have satisfied with at least 3 credits in each of the five sections [categorized by "Humanities & History", "Society & Value", "Science & Technology", "Literature & Arts", and "World & Culture"]  21
Restricted Electives in Science & Technology Scope2  
Students must have satisfied all courses:
Data Science더보기 3
Total Credits in General Requirements for B.BA. Degree 40

1 The following regulations only apply to students who entered DSU in 2019 or later

2 BA Requirements in Liberal Arts Electives

Departmental Requirements

The Departmental Requirements include both the ‘required & elective major courses’ and ‘general elective course(s)’; see details below.

Required Major Year Term Credits
  The Principles of Management더보기 First Year Fall 3
  Accounting Principle더보기 First Year Fall 3
  The Principles of Economics더보기 First Year Spring 3
  The Principles of Marketing더보기 Second Year Fall 3
  Human Resource Management더보기 Second Year Fall 3
Financial Management더보기 Second Year Fall 3
  Management Information Systems더보기 Second Year Spring 3
Major Electives
  Select 16 subjects from the list of Major Elective Subjects   48
  Total Credits in Major    69
General Electives 
  Computerized Accounting더보기 First Year Fall 3
Business Statistics더보기 First Year Spring 3
  Select one of the following:   21
  Select 7 major subjects from outside of the BA department   
  Select 9-11 subjects in Liberal Education subjects   
  Total Credits in Departmental Requirements for B.E. Degree   90
CE Electives Term Credits
Second Year
  Operation and Production Management더보기 Spring 3
  Intermediate Accounting더보기 Spring 3
  Service Marketing더보기 Spring 3
  Organization Bahavior더보기 Spring 3
Third Year
  Global Leadership더보기 Fall 3
  Digital Marketing Comminication더보기 Fall 3
  Marketing Research더보기 Fall 3
  Database System더보기 Fall 3
  Investment Analysis더보기 Fall 3
  International Management더보기 Fall 3
  Asia Contents Seminar더보기 Spring 3
  Consumer Behavior더보기 Spring 3
  Management Strategy더보기 Spring 3
Fourth Year
Business Ethics더보기 Fall 3
Venture Business더보기 Fall 3
  Information Strategy Planning더보기 Fall 3
  New Product Development더보기 Fall 3
  ERP System Practice더보기 Spring 3
  Venture Master Class더보기 Spring 3
  Financial Statement Analysis더보기 Spring 3
  Brand Management더보기 Spring 3