Nowadays, there has been rapid progress in computer, information, and communication technologies. Super-speed communication and broadband services are rapidly spread into our nation and society. Consequently, our society becomes highly reliant on computer and information technologies, and the related industries including networks, the Internet, and multimedia become essential and fundamental parts of our national economy in this information age. Following this trend, the needs are dramatically increasing for well-trained professionals on computer software design, Internet application services, and network technologies.

Department of Computer Engineering deals with various research and application disciplines including computer software, computer hardware, etc. In terms of practicing research and teaching, our department focuses on relevant theories as well as practices of the above-mentioned disciplines, so that our graduates are well prepared with firm theoretical bases and technologies which are required in industrial environments, universities, and research institutes.


In the department of Computer Engineering, we base as our direction computer engineering and information network engineering which are basic technologies in computer and information communication. Based on that direction, we set our objective to produce professional technicians, creative designers, and original researchers on the computer, Internet application services, and information network technologies. For that objective, we conduct multi-lateral education which is deeply related to current industrial practices and includes project-based learning.