Graduate School Business AdministrationResearch ClusterGlobal Entrepreneurship Research Lab (GERL)

Research Cluster

blt01.gif Professor: Yeo, Junho (Ph.D., International Management)

blt01.gif About this Research Lab

    • Support for student success: Students who have not experienced real business life may feel frustrated and need some time to adapt to the gap between theory and practice after graduation. GERL helps students overcome this predicted phenomenon in advance and support them with skill-based and field-based programs.

    • Community outreach: GERL develops and delivers experiential learning and student support programs through collaboration with SMEs (small and medium-sized business) in the community. GERL helps businesses in community achieve higher levels of success in their business ventures. GERL provides technical supports to small business and aspire entrepreneurs in the community. This includes extensive business advice, low-cost entrepreneurial training, and specialized services, such as business internationalization, export promotion and marketing support.

    • Entrepreneurship research: The GERL researches the environment, economic and social value created by entrepreneurs. We explore issues facing the Korea’s entrepreneurial community as well as factors of successful entrepreneurs. In addition, we are making an impact through innovation on campus. We research on advancement of competency-based major curriculum system and innovation of entrepreneurship education by establishing skills-based learning.

blt01.gif Research Interests

Factors of successful entrepreneurs, Issues facing the entrepreneurial community, Skill-based entrepreneurship education

blt01.gif Initiatives

Online business project, Entrepreneurship conference, etc.

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