Student Experience

Based on traditional theories and concepts, students in the graduate program experience changes in their aesthetic capacity depth, facilitated by continuous content development of varied learning, research, and practice. In the final project's thesis or dissertation research and production phase, students practice practical skills such as process, communication, collaboration, and time management to meet or exceed the industry's requirements.
Dedicated Faculties

The professors, along with industry specialists, educate graduate students according with diverse specificities, layers of content, and development stages, and their language of instruction, research advice and academic support is English.

Advisory system

Student are assigned a dedicated academic advisor who is experienced at working with multi-national students.

Project-based Learning in Hyper-Connected Community Labs and Creative Arts Studios

Students are given the research and hands-on field-study spaces called “Hyper-Connected Community Labs and Creative Arts Studios” to participate as a team in composing and determining various aesthetic solutions, research and collaboration under the hierarchical structure of a fast-paced production developing environment.
Through collaboration in a team in the production pipeline implemented in both Hyper-Connected Community Labs and Creative Arts Studios, students learn that the contents-developing industry requires a collaborative effort and workplace etiquette at all levels in the production pipeline. Creative Arts studios comprises of Animation & Motion Capture, Chroma Key & Compositing, and Sound & Recording.

Visual Storytelling Ability

Students form ability to create and develop visual stories; ability to identify what is entertaining for an audience in a comedic or dramatic situation. Also they learn to understand of film language and camera language affects storytelling, including camera angle, scale, focal length-CG, etc.

Korean culture learning

Activities for understanding Korean culture provide various opportunities and become global talents.